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Do a Free Offer to Get a Free iPhone

Could you take part in a free trial if it meant you would get a free iPhone? Find out more - Free iPhone.

Cheaper Mobile Calls plus £5 Free Credit

If you are on a PAYG deal or near the end of your contract and would like far cheaper calls and unlimited mobile Internet and texts GiffGaff currently have an offer for £5 of free credit. Find out how much you will save with GiffGaff.

Win an iPadWin a New iPad

It couldn't be any easier, just by filling in a few details you can win an iPad.
Win a Free New iPad - Click Here
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Get free products to test at homeTest Products

Get to keep brand new freebies when you sign up to become a product  tester. Test products and win prizes for free.
More Product Testing

Over 400 Chances to Win

Get a free edition of Simply Prizes magazine, which supplies you with hundreds of the latest and best competitions. The magazine gives you the greatest chance to win fantastic prizes like holidays, cars and electronics and they currently have a free trial available - Click Here.
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Get Free Money from Free Surveys - £5 to £50 Each Time

Need some extra cash? Doing these surveys is a really simple way to make some additional money in your spare time. You even get entered into a prize draw for free iPads, just for signing up - Click Here.

Free Honey

For a limited time Rowse have some jars of free honey to give-away. They want a Facebook like from you in return for the free stuff as per usual - Click Here.

Free Sims - Free Credit  

Get double free credit no matter how much you top up with, plus half price calls and texts to 5 favourite UK numbers. Free delivery. Top up £10 and get £20 free credit!

get a free dsiHow to Get a Free Nintendo DSi XL

Would you take part in a genuinely free trial if it meant you would be sent a free DSi? You can get free DVD rentals and be on your way to a free Nintendo DSi with this freebie. Follow the link to find out how to get a Free DSi.

RNLI DVD freebies UKFree Serious Fun DVD from the RNLI

Serious about watersports? Get your Free Serious Fun! DVD from the RNLI - Click Here.

get a free ipod touchHow to Get a Free iPod Touch

Just by taking part in a free trial you will be rewarded with a free iPod Touch. You can get the 8GB, 32GB or the 64GB and even an iPhone 4G or an iPad, just for completing a free offer on the reward site. Follow the link to find out how to get a free Apple iPod Touch.

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How to Get Free Stuff UK

freebies UK We all like to get something for free and there has never been more opportunities to get all the freebies you could possibly want in 2010. With the popularity of the Internet the amount of free things available has skyrocketed. All you will need to do is fill in a few forms to have the latest UK freebies heading you way.

This free stuff UK only site is set up specifically for British people. If you are not in the UK you may still be able to benefit from some of the freebies on this site but I can't guarantee this. If you are in the USA and now also in many other countries you are eligible to sign up for free gadgets as well as UK citizens.

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