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Why do Companies Create Discount Vouchers?

Companies create discount codes to drum up business. On the Internet the competition can be more fierce than on UK high streets. On an average UK high street there won't be much duplication of supply, there will only be one or a few shops selling a particular product.

On the high street in the UK there is a finite amount of shop space and because of the costs involved with running a shop a potential shopkeeper will try to avoid too much competition, otherwise he will be quickly out of business. As there is little competition prices will be higher and discount codes few and far between.

On the Internet the barriers to entry are tiny by comparison. You can start an online shop within a few weeks and you can do it for virtually no money.

There are of course downsides for the new shopkeeper, with the consumers ability to quickly and easily compare prices with competitors it makes his chances of making a profit much slimmer.

The Internet shopkeeper needs to draw people to his online shop so he will discount prices and offer discount codes to certain parts of his market. These are the reasons why the likelihood of discount vouchers much greater.

We seek out the UK discount codes which sometimes are only available to a select segment market. For example a discount code may be created for a particular email list or for customers of a similar type of business (but not a competitor obviously). These UK discount vouchers may only be envisaged to be used by the people they were sent to, but in reality anyone can use them and the shop that issued them will gain a new customer so they must be happy for this to happen.