Free Carte Noire Coffee

I don't drink coffee myself, all the caffeine in coffee makes me go a bit hyper. I just stick exclusively to Red Bull instead, I'm sure that won't cause me any problems.

Since we are talking about caffeine, I can give you an almost amazing fact which I have hitherto stored pointlessly in my brain. Prepare yourself here it comes; there is actually more caffeine in tea than there is in coffee, it's just that we use a smaller amount of tea to make a cupper so you don't get such a hit. I knew that useless fact would come is usefull some day.

What's that you say? You already knew that fact and you don't find it particularly amazing. Well, I'm sorry most people don't even bother reading the rubbish I write on this page, they just click the link straight away, but you had to be different didn't you. Well more fool you, you'll know for next time. Just stop moaning and drink your free coffee.

Now what did I do with that can of Red Bull?

The following link now strangly diverts to their Facebook page,
I'm not sure their offer still stands though -
Free Carte Noire Coffee Sample.