Learn to Drive with a Free Lesson

free driving lesson Your first one hour driving lesson with a fully qualified driving instructor anywhere in the UK worth up to £25 for free.

The freedom of the open road, drive where you want to when you want. The freedom to drive to any traffic jam you like and join the rest of us. The freedom to spend hundreds of pounds on road tax (those bastards are going to take over £400 off me next year), then you've got the servicing costs, it needs an MOT and that's even before you've put any petrol in the thing. If you want to save some money on petrol this website might help - Tips to Save Petrol.

Though it's not all bad the prices of second hand cars have come down a lot in recent years which is good unless you brought a car when the prices were higher (which of course I did, still my driving lessons were much cheaper when I learnt to drive, so I can't complain (actually I can still complain)).

If you still want to learn to drive, just go follow the link below:

Free Driving Lesson