How Can You Receive the Latest Gadgets for Free?

Imagine hearing the the door bell ring, it's a courier with a large parcel. You sign for it and bring it inside to begin unwrapping it. As you tear the packaging open you realise it is that expensive gadget you'd wanted for a while. You also realise that you've got it for free.

free gadgets How much more statisfying would it be to own the latest games console, flat-screen TV, iPhone, laptop or whatever, and know that you didn't have to pay anything for it.

What I'm talking about here is perfectly legal, it takes advantage of companies marketing budgets to provide you with gadgets for free.

Would You Open a Bank Account or Take Part in a Free Web Hosting Trial if it Meant You Would Get Free Gadgets?

Here's how it works; to attract new customers some companies pay affiliates money for every new customer they help sign up. Often this doesn't cost the new customer any money, but the affiliate still gets paid a bounty.

The amount of money paid to affiliates varies greatly. For example, you will have seen those comparison websites that advertise on the TV, the likes of Elephant and Go Compare receive around £50 for every new car insurance customer they send to an insurance company. It's a great business model as the main expense is promoting the comparison website and you don't have to spend any money on a product.

free gadgets Obviously, when you buy insurance you will spend hundreds of pounds, but there are other companies which pay affiliates a more modest sum when they send them a new customer who takes part in a free trial.

The free gadget website that will send you the gadget of your choice, will ask you to take part in an offer. This offer may be a free trial, applying for a credit card, opening a bank account or it could be spending a few quid on some games of bingo for instance. The offer you take part in is entirely up to you.

As you continue to realise how exciting this concept is, you must be thinking what the catch is? Well of course, there is no such thing as an entirely free lunch, you will have to refer other people to get your hands on the free gadget you desire. This isn't too difficult, all you have to do is ask a few friends if they would like to get something for free.

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