How to Get a Free iPhone 4S

Do you want a brand new iPhone 4S or any iPhone for that matter and wouldn't you like one for free?

You can have a go at competitions to win an iPhone if you like as well, but this method of getting a free iPhone is tried and tested. Countless people have received brand new iPhones by doing the things I am going to explain to you on this page.

Do a Free Offer to Receive a Free iPhone

free iPhone4S
I hate to break this to you but unfortunately, as far as I am aware there is nobody out there who is just giving away lots of free iPhone's and expecting absolutely nothing in return. If you do however find anyone who is actually doing this, don't be affraid to tell me about it will you?

This is as good as you are going to get if you truely want a new free iPhone 4S, SIM free for you to use with whichever PAYG phone company offers the best deal for you (if you are looking for a cheaper mobile PAYG deal, I know that you can massively reduce what you are currently paying by trying GiffGaff). This isn't a new offer, I have been doing this for the last three years and I can honestly say it has changed my life for the better. The first freebie I received by doing this was an iPod Touch and as you can imagine it was an exciting experience as I waited for the iPod to be delivered, safe in the knowledge that I had got it for free. Since then I have gone onto receive lots more freebies from this offer, in fact I get free stuff every month, normally I take the cash alternative, but you can choose anything as your freebie not just a new iPhone 4S.

Free iPhone - Would You Take Part in a Free Trial For One?

That's the question, would you fill in a form and sign up for a free trial if it resulted in you receiving a brand new free iPhone 4S? You only have to do a single offer on the FreebieJeebies website to qualify, none of this multiple offer requirement you may have found on some other websites. You can even continue claiming more freebies of your choice after you have been sent your free iPhone, and you don't even need to do anymore offers.

free iphone 4S Perhaps the best offer involves completing a web-hosting free trial for Intuit, all you have to do is sign up and create a simple website. Another good offer is to sign up for a credit card as it isn't going to cost you anything and you may even get a lower interest rate than you currently pay.

Sign up now - Free iPhone 4S - choose a free iPhone then do a single offer.

Once you have done the offer you will need to refer other people in order to get the free iPhone4S that you want. The reason why other people have to be referred using your link, is because the amount of money FreebieJeebies earn from the offer you completed isn't enough to cover the cost of buying you a new iPhone. As nice as the people are that run FreebieJeebies, they aren't a charity so this is why you need to direct others to the free iPhone offer.

It is easy to get people to sign up to your referral link as lots of people want a new free iPhone, but even if someone doesn't want an iPhone that doesn't matter as you can get pretty much anything you want through this FreebieJeebies offer. If you choose a custom order in your account you can pick whatever you want to have as a free gift and customer support will tell you how many referrals you need to get your custom order.

Get a Free iPhone 4S Easily

The simplest way to get your new iPhone 4S is to tell your friends about it, both in real life but also on social networking sites. You can also write a blog post about it with your referral link and then promote the blog by adding it to your signature on forums you frequent. Omegle or similar random chat websites have been used by people to sign others up to this offer. You can have a go at these tried and tested methods for getting referrals or just use your imagination and come up with something better.

Whatever you do, please make sure you stick to the rules of the free gift site, or you will find your account will be put on hold when you come to verify it. If sign up on this page and you need any assistance with getting referrals you can contact us for more advice.

Sign up now - Free iPhone - choose a free iPhone 4S then choose an offer.