How Can You Receive Cash for Free?

When I say free, you do have to do a small amount of work to receive the money. But, you can repeat it over and over again to accumilate as much free cash as you want.

What I'm talking about here is perfectly legal, it takes advantage of companies marketing budgets to provide you with money for free.

Give Your Opinion for Cash

Since you probably give your opinion for free on forums and blogs why not get paid for it instead? Earn money and get the chance to win £25,000 cash just for giving your opinion - Click here. You can even increase your chances of winning the cash prize by going back to the site everyday and completing a quick survey.

Complete a Free Offer and Get Paid

Here's how it works; to attract new customers some companies pay affiliates money for every new customer they help sign up.

The amount of money they pay to their affiliates varies a great deal. Those comparison websites that advertise on the TV, for instance, collect about £50 for every new customer they provide to the insurance companies, which explains how they can afford the whole joke. It's a brilliant business model as the greatest expense is promoting their website and they don't need to spend any money on a product.

Fortunately, you don't have to spend hundreds of pounds buying insurance in order to complete an offer. There are many other companies which pay their affiliates a smaller amount of money when they send them a new customer who takes part in a free trial offer.

The free gadget website that will send you your free gadget or money, will ask you to take part in an offer. The offer may be a free trial, applying for a credit card or it could be spending a few pounds on bingo for example. Which offer you do is entirely up to you.

As you continue to realise how exciting this prospect is, you must be wondering what the catch is? Well of course, there is never an entirely free lunch, you have to refer other people to get the free cash sent to you. This isn't as difficult as it may sound, you only need a couple of people to sign up before you can claim the free money. Just ask a few friends if they would like to get something for free and you should reach your target.

Click one of the links below to find out more and then sign up for a free gadget and complete an offer:

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Once you have referred enough people using your referral link (the minimum is just 2 or 3 people), then you can raise a support ticket to ask for the free money instead of a free gift.