Enter a Free Prize Draw UK

Win lots of great stuff when you enter a free prize draw. Now when you enter the prize draw for free and win, I think it's only fair that you thank me for helping you win. Now when I say thank me, I don't mean just sending a nice email. As great as it would be to hear from you and your good fortune, it isn't going to pay the bills.

Shall we say you give me 10% of the value of your winnings, I think that's fair. After all if it wasn't for me introducing you to this free prize draw you wouldn't have won anything. Admittedly, I have no way of enforcing our little agreement, it will just be you, your prize and your conscience in a room together. Whilst I'll be out roaming the cold hard unforgiving UK streets looking for a nice new cardboard box to make my home and fighting for the warmest driest spot under the bridge.

You can enter all the free prize draws below. Good luck I hope you win, just don't forget our agreement, right. ;)

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