GiffGaff Review

How would you like £5 of free credit and the opportunity to pay far less for your phone calls on PAYG than you currently do? Well you can with GiffGaff.

The call charges are far cheaper than the major phone networks:

Networks    CallsTextMobile Internet
giffgaffFree to giffgaff
10p to other networks    
Free to giffgaff
6p to other networks    
20p a day (20MB)
O225p12p£1 a day
(Fair use 50MB/day)
Vodafone25p10p£1 a day
(Fair use 25MB/day)
(Fair use 25MB/day)
T-mobile21p12p£1 per day
(Fair use 500MB/month)

The call charges for Giffgaff are for 6th October onwards and are actually a couple of pence cheaper up til then. For other networks the prices are correct as of 1st August.

You know how the mobile companies like to charge you for calling "free" phone numbers, well guess what, free phone numbers are actually free with GiffGaff. All 0800, 0808 and 0500 numbers really are free with this network.

If you prefer you can buy a bundle which lasts you for the month and includes unlimited Internet and texts as well as free calls for 250 minutes upwards. These call packages are known as Goodybags.

Get a free Giff Gaff Sim

GiffGaff Goody Bags

When you top up your phone with GiffGaff the situation is different to other phone providers in that you can buy a goodybag as well as credit if you like. The £10 goodybags and above give you unlimited 3G Internet access with no fair usage policy and unlimited texting along with differing levels of call minutes.

Included minutes    60    250    4008001500
InternetNot included,
Free extra minutes  
Unlimited    Unlimited    Unlimited    Unlimited

There is another goodybag available at £5 which gives you unlimited texts and of course free Giffgaff to Giffgaff calls, if you just do a lot of texting. Of course you don't need to buy any of these Goodybags if you don't want, you can just topup your phone as you normally would and benefit from a massive saving over other phone services.

GiffGaff SIM Card

If you want to get your free £5 credit sign up bonus, just click below to get your free SIM card. You will have the £5 of free credit added when you top-up at least £10 or buy a Goodybag for that amount.

Join GiffGaff with £5 free credit

If you mobile phone is currently locked to a network other than O2, you will need to have it unlocked and you will find simple instructions on the website after you join. It is also easy to transfer your current phone number over to your new Giffgaff SIM card, you will also find these instructions after you have ordered your new sim.

Is GiffGaff Any Good?

GiffGaff is run on the same network as O2 and so will have the same coverage as they do. The big difference being that you are paying substantially less than you would on O2 and if you have a problem you go to a forum for answers or contact an agent through their website instead of hanging on the line waiting for customer support.

Get a free Giffgaff Sim Card

Giff Gaff

It's not Giff Gaff or even GifGaf, but rather Giffgaff which apparently means 'mutual giving'. The reason behind this name is that the company has very few staff with much of the work being carried out by members of the forum, this way saving money for the company to pass on to customers in the shape of very competitive prices.

If you want to get involved on the forum you will be paid for your participation when you help other people out and answer their questions, the more useful your posts are the more money you will make. When you help out you will find you gain points and what do points make? Prizes, no, in this case points make cash in your bank account. For many people this means they are not actually paying for their phone usage and are actually profiting for being with GiffGaff.

GiffGaff APN

After I activated my new sim card I did have a little trouble, as I couldn't get 3G access when I knew I should be able to get it. I soon found the solution to the problem with the aid of their help forums. Unsurprisingly, it was entirely my own fault, as I had ignored the text message that had a file with it which needed to be installed for the WAP settings to work. I ended up filling in the APN details manually, which took a while, so make sure you install or save the file after you have joined. There is also an APN app available for the network on Android market which would have been easier had I have known about it at the time. That is the only problem I have had since switching my phone provider and even that didn't take more than a few minutes to fix.

I ported my old phone number to my new SIM card and that process took less than 24 hours to complete. Unfortunately my old phone company, Orange, were as useless as they always are, so I had a long wait on the phone to get the required PAC number required to keep your old number. I spent most of the time in a queue to what turned out to be a retentions department, which was all rather unnecessary as they were never going to be able to offer me anything near as good as the prices you have seen above.