Promotional Vouchers used to sell just DVDs and CDs now they seem to be expanding into more areas, like clothes strangely. always seemed to offer free delivery when I used them and very competitive prices. Prices were cheap because the company is based in Jersey which means you can avoid paying VAT when you make a purchase.

Below are a list of the latest promotional discount vouchers for your delectation. Highlight the code, then right click on it and select copy. Then when placing an order on the website, right click where it asks for a promotional discount voucher and select paste.

Discount 10% off all clothing
Expiry 22/12/08

Discount £2 off Jeremy Clarkson's new DVD (not to be confused with the one he had out this time last year or the one from the year before that, or the year before that. I think there's a pattern emerging here, if only I could work it out)
Expiry unknown

Discount £2 off Gavin and Stacy Series 2 (It gets repeated a lot on BBC3 and I believe it is currently being shown on BBC1, no wonder it is being discounted.)
Expiry unknown

Discount £2 off Keith Lemon's new DVD
Expiry unknown